Wings for wheels. Logo design and customized typeface for Scandinavia’s largest train operating company. The result revolutionized modern transportation design programmes and won numerous design awards. God speed.

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Gearing up

In 1995, Danish railways were deregulated, leaving the national carrier DSB, which had always been a monopoly, to compete openly with Swedish, German and English railway contractors. DSB asked us to help them update their image and prepare them for a whole new set of business rules.

Swoosh it

As a monopoly, DSB kept its design simple, even doing away with its proud winged wheel logo in 1970. Now in a strongly competitive environment, we felt the company should focus on tying itself back into its strong Danish heritage, and the associations of quality and service mentality that come with it. We started by reintroducing an updated, swoosh-like version of the logo that had once been so popular. We also created an all-new typeface for their signs and communication, basing it on the traditions of classic Danish typography.

Think Denmark – think DSB

The visual identity we created for DSB is still used today, and the brand’s values and expression are widely understood and supported by management, employees and customers. Much of DSB’s brand equity comes from the widely recognized typeface and the ways in which it is used. The brand is an icon, part of the national identity – you can’t think about train travel in Denmark without thinking DSB.

Design that impacts 195 million passengers annually and 270 stations around the country.

"When the 'bewinged wheel' got it's beautiful red color back in 2012, it once again stood out as a sharp, elegant and modern logo - ready to carry DSB through another 15 years, at least!"

Jesper T. Lok, CEO, DSB


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