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Experience the world differently

Finding a new purpose in a (travel) world turned upside down
As the world turned upside down in 2020, the renowned Japanese travel companion, VELTRA, took the lead and decided to do things differently. In close collaboration with VELTRA’s top management, we helped position VELTRA as a market leader, spearheading new ways of experiencing the world.

Client: VELTRA
Year: 2020
Industry: Travel


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Narrative
Brand Positioning
Motion Design
Sound Design

Experiences mean the world

Facing travel restrictions and closed borders, we helped VELTRA use this unprecedented moment as an opportunity for introspection. To go beyond the limits of travel, VELTRA rediscovered the essence of its purpose by moving closer to home, unfolding a world of experiences that make a difference.

Diversity at heart

Working from offices in Paris, Hawaii and ‘down under’ to their headquarters in Tokyo, VELTRA’s employees embody its cross-cultural perspectives and put diversity at the heart of its organisation. So, to bring VELTRA’s rich company culture forward, we brought the various perspectives to life throughout the process.

“I am super happy to see what we achieved out of this project by carefully listening and gathering everyone’s voice and wisdom from the team. The process itself was so much fun, and I really appreciate everything.”
– Ms. Mannen, COO

A dual-language logo

VELTRA’s diverse yet unified culture inspired us to create a dual-language logo, representing VELTRA as the focal point for gaining new perspectives and sharing intriguing experiences.

The art of Omotenashi

‘Omotenashi’ conveys the way Japanese hosts pay attention to detail and anticipate the needs of their guests. Omotenashi not only encapsulates VELTRA’s Japanese heritage. It captures the nature of VELTRA’s genuine presence and enabling hospitality. As an ode to the art of Omotenashi, we created a logo motion that conveys the seamless interactions aiming to bring others forward.

Expressing the essence

The illustration style is inspired by the essence of a VELTRA experience; that it can take just as many forms as the lives of its customers. With soft strokes and fluid transitions, the illustrations convey a human craft and represent the diverse teams of real people creating VELTRA’s experiences — and the memories that will stay, long after the fact.

A new era of travel

The result of VELTRA’s transformation is a friendly and intriguing brand that seamlessly redefine what a brand within the traditional travel industry means — and leads the way into a new era of tourism.

Tomoe Hamaguchiya

Japan Representative Director

Reach out to Tomoe to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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