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Reinventing Exclusivity

Tasaki is a Japanese luxury jewellery brand known for its quality pearls. With a bold, new ambition to become a leader in the luxury goods for a younger clientele, the company needed to rejuvenate its brand.

The colour design and packaging concept are used at the flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo where a facade of layered glass creates a delicate atmosphere that truly reflects the revitalised brand. Tasaki is now perceived as a relevant modern luxury choice within its target group and has positioned itself as a player among the world’s largest and most successful jewellery brands.

Photo credit: Tasaki Japan

The custom Tasaki typeface elegantly balances soft feminine brushes in the K with superbly proportioned weights and contrasts. Used on everything from jewellery boxes to logomarks and overall communication, it signals contemporary premium brand aesthetic.

People are allured by something beautiful regardless of the times. Pearls have been treasured as gems since the early stage of human history. Brilliant pearls seldom and suddenly came out from sea shells. That mysterious situation must have inspired people and put them in awe.

Tomoe Hamaguchiya

Japan Representative Director

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