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A Global Employer Brand Goes Visionary Beyond Vision

Revolutionising an Industry

Specsavers has a bold vision: To go beyond eyes and ears and bring healthcare to the high street. To take on the challenge, they need to grow their family of more than 30,000 people. There was only one problem: their employer brand - or lack thereof - was simply holding them back.

We helped them be visionary beyond vision with an employer brand that shows their true colours and prepares them for the next frontier in eye, ear- and healthcare.

Learning from the Experts

Specsavers is a family-run company with strong values, ambitious targets, and a fun-loving mindset. We talked, observed and listened to more than 300 employees and potential candidates across seven countries and two continents. To identify everything that makes Specsavers special.

We quickly found that the Specsavers culture was exceptionally strong and deeply ingrained in everything and everyone across titles, functions and markets.

A Promise to Boost Transformation:

“Transforming healthcare. Transforming careers”

Four words summarise the story of a company that never rests on its laurels. It's a promise to transform not only healthcare but also drive its employees and the industry forward while making an actual difference in people’s lives.

This Is Specsavers

A story about the little details you often take for granted and the big picture vision that weaves it all together. Together with Fantom Film we went behind the scenes and shot the film 'This is Specavers'. A tale of eight Specsavers employees and a company where ambition and individual quirks are celebrated every day.

Revitalising a Global Career Website

A revitalised global career site unveils Specsavers’ ambitious journey of bringing healthcare to the high street and attract new talent.

Coming from a very complex and deep site structure, our focus was to create a user experience with a simple and intuitive navigation principle. The main navigation happens through the mega menu, and as you scroll down the main landing page you are presented with content that helps direct your search. Whether you’re looking for a new job, considering becoming a partner or simply want to learn more about Specavers’ new mission and the journey they are on, join.specsavers.com is where you'll find it.

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“Throughout the process, Kontrapunkt demonstrated an abundance of professionalism, engagement and expertise. They never disappointed but provided exceptional guidance, support and input to what has been one of our most successful ever projects as a region. The most refreshing part of it all is Kontrapunkt’s passion for our brand and their ability to challenge how we think about it in the very best of ways.”

Richard Owens, Retails Director, Northern Europe

A New Lens on Specsavers

Friendly, warm, welcoming and professional. Specsavers’ new photo style now reflects the Specsavers’ culture and the people working there. Always using real employees as models, because authentic is better than perfect.

A Voice That Doesn't Spell It Out

The vision behind Specsavers' new tone of voice is: "Make the culture and values implicit in everything we do and say". It's a tone of voice that is designed to ensure they are as clear and smart with their copy as with everything else they do.

Get straight to the point √

Embody ‘Friendly Experts’ with confidence √

Always be approachable √

All Aboard

Launching a new employer brand is one thing. Getting everyone in your organisation onboard is quite a different story. We designed a suitcase jam-packed with all the travel essentials needed to invite everyone along for the adventurous journey.

Proud Moments

An explorative section on the website shares industry firsts and achievements that make Specsavers proud. With bitesize content, Specsavers can now engage visitors in their entire story with visual oomph.

Nicoline Klareskov

Client Director & Partner

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