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Defining Nature Based Design

An identity that feels and functions like nature
Kontrapunkt assisted SLA in growing a visual landscape that better represents their unique way of working. The process resulted in a distinct visual identity that, like the work of SLA, doesn't seek to imitate nature but feels and functions like nature.

Client: SLA
Year: 2022
Industry: Landscape Architecture


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Design Guidelines
Brand Activation
Digital Design
Editorial Design

The Holistic Approach

SLA is a nature-based design studio working with cities, nature, places, and people. The renowned design studio is globally recognised for its multidisciplinary way of working, creating non-intrusive interventions that strengthen the already present nature on a site. The new identity matches the curiosity and expertise of the SLA team by incorporating tactile details and consistent use of grids across touchpoints.

Fill in the Blanks

By bridging nature and culture, artistic ambitions and rigorous scientific research, SLA exists by filling in the blanks between opposites. Their logo needed to resemble precisely that – as a dialogue between the complementary and the holistic. By opposing two different characters, both positioned in very other forms, SLA's logo only comes together as a whole by combining the two opposites.

Nature's Colour-palette

SLA is a pioneer in their way of designing and shaping the places we live. Every landscape design, public space and climate adaption embodies an inherent humbleness towards their specific surroundings. To encapture this site-specific adaption, we developed a code to help SLA in their colour selection. The code will automatically withdraw the colour palette of a given picture of one of SLA's designs, bringing their digital visual appearance closer to nature.

Laurits Hanak

Concept Designer

Reach out to Laurits to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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