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Lead With Your People, Help Your People Lead

Lead With Your People, Help Your People Lead
Everyone understands that great customer experience leads to loyal and satisfied customers. The same goes for your employees. Peakon is an employee success platform that helps every employee drive the change they want to see. They convert feedback into insights you can put to work. Because work should work for people, and not the other way around.

Client: Peakon
Year: 2020
Industry: Software


Brand Identity
Art direction
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Digital Product Design
Type Design

Work should work for people

Organisations grow by helping their people lead. Simple as that. Peakons identity needed to reflect this knowledge. The visual identity is based on the three brand drivers – trustworthy, encouraging and humane. The Peakon logo, brand colours, illustrations, icons and imagery all emphasise this new identity and enhance the diversity, unity and the uniqueness of the Peakon brand.

Our peaks have been a part of our identity since the very beginning, and we didn’t want to lose them. Now they approach the world with the same boldness that we do, with clarity and confidence in our vision.

Phil Chambers, CEO, Peakon

The Identity, reimagined

We embarked on a journey together with Peakon to explore what embodied them internally, as well as with their customer community. They themselves wanted to understand how Peakon was perceived, and what resonated with people. An intense 'Immersive week' was put together at the aesthetical old Peakon office in Copenhagen where Kontrapunkt and Peakon together found and established their new direction.

Our new Peakon identity uses a distinct, encouraging and multifaceted colour palette – a palette with a personality, within and outside of our product.

Phil Chambers, CEO, Peakon

Statistics meets a variable font

Scores are essential for ratings, and at the heart of Peakon, you will find the Peakon score (or engagement score) which helps organisations define, compare and improve their employer rating. The Kontrapunkt type design team created an animated variable font that reveals the statistic that sums up the individual Peakon scores.

Lead with your people. Help your people lead.

The illustrations are composed on the basis of “less is more”, with thick visible brush strokes, making the illustrations tactile and inviting.

Diverse, accessible and full of character

Conveying a European feel, the bold, fresh colours of the identity reference the heritage and home of Peakon. Peakon Green and other dark colours (Navy, Purple, Burnt Umber and Grullo) all represent the Peakon trustworthiness, while the light hues (Light Cobalt, Periwinkle, Champagne and Sunflower) represent encouragement. All designed for maximum accessibility.

We Strongly Believe That Work Should Work For All People, Regardless Of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation Or Physical Ability.

Phil Chambers, CEO, Peakon

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

Reach out to Philip to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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