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Always on the Move

Merging into Movia

Three regional transportation companies united under one with a new name, visual identity and communication company. The new brand is all about movement on roads, hence the moniker, Movia (a composition of movement and via, which is Latin for road), and a logo and visual identity always on the move.

The customised font AtB is bold and full of character with straightforward and rounded curves. Readily applicable with high readability on every element from timetables to campaigns, it is instantly recognisable to all travellers.

3A Kongens Enghave ad Vesterbrogade

A powerfully simple communication concept helps more than one million daily travellers on their commute. With its black outline on a bright yellow circle, the design is a nod to the core of transportation: the wheel and, thus, the basics of movement.

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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