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Making Art Forever Relevant

A visual identity along with a campaign concept brings new relevance to the renowned and respected 133-years-old museum. Showing only references and sneak peeks of the art pieces displayed, art aficionados are encouraged to visit and experience the complete works of art anew. The identity uses colours from the walls of the museum to highlight the intense atmosphere beyond the building. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is now the formal signature while the new logo follows the publicly used Glyptoteket.

Image campaign

By transforming original artwork titles from the collection into news-like headlines such as "Adonis leaves Venus this weekend" and "Amor whispers to a young girl this Saturday", Glyptoteket channels the contemporary language of breaking news while adding its own fine art flavour.


Works of art play a central role in the communication of the changing exhibitions. To entice guests into the museum, small sections of the art at display reveal only so much.


On selected Thursdays, Glyptoteket opens the doors to Slow. An evening concept with art, talks, music and guided tours under one theme. Each new theme is kept in the pace of art itself: slowly.


Various signage and wayfinding created for Glyptoteket makes it easier to navigate in the museum.

Troels Degett Holmsted

Design Director

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