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Danish Crown

Towards a More Sustainable Future for Food

Leaders of Change
Danish Crown found themselves at a crossroads. They could continue to produce meat and food as they did. Or do things differently by taking a more sustainable approach to their production. In close collaboration with Kontrapunkt, Danish Crown found its new positioning, core narrative and identity as a market leader at the forefront of sustainability.

Client: Danish Crown
Year: 2019
Industry: Foods, goods & production


Visual Identity Design
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
UX Design
Corporate Website
Corporate Reporting
Design Guidelines
Brand Hub
Wayfinding & Signage
Global Brand Typeface
Employer Branding

Unite to act

The crown is fundamental for the Danish Crown heritage, and the new logo brings the people of Danish Crown together on the journey to come. It depicts the unity of all Danish Crown workers, farmers and management coming together in a circle and working towards better solutions for a sustainable future.

icon of pig, icon of people, icon of cutlery and pork chop

Setting new standards

Every year, Danish Crown produce 9 billion meals to people all over the world. For generations they have been market leaders, providing consumers with the highest meat quality and safe food products. Danish Crown have always been setting new standards and exploring opportunities along the way. Their next goal is to be the world’s most sustainable meat supplier come 2030.

Results from an ongoing journey

In the six months following the presentation of Danish Crown's new direction in September 2019, the company's rep track score improved from approximately 66 to 72,9 – a strong rep track score is considered above 70. In Denmark, CEO of Danish Crown, Jais Valeur has ranked 'top twenty most valuable CEO of superbrands' in 2019. And the new identity has received praise including noted one of the 'best new brand identities of 2019' by renowned design and branding revision website, Under Consideration.

red backdrop with white text / quote saying: "Nothing is going to change unless you take action. And Danish Crown is acting now.

Real Action: A History for the Future

With a history that dates back to 1887 and a future yet to be written, Danish Crown needed to unite the entire organisation. To emphasise how coming together is the only way to achieve their goal of a more sustainable future for food production. Kontrapunkt helped unite all divisions and put into words how they continuously change and tirelessly refine and improve the way they work.

After more than 70 interviews across all business units and divisions and a 18-month process, we came up with a new core narrative and a fitting identity reflecting the new Danish Crown. Ensuring everyone is aligned in finishing the transforming story for the future that is currently being written.

Quote by Danish Crown CEO Jais Valeur

An open invitation

Kontrapunkt created a brand hub for Danish Crown. A place to unfold and tell their story and vision for the future. The site invites everyone to join them on the new journey. Being curious, inspired, or even sceptic, the brand hub is an invitation and insight into the new Danish Crown. This is where the journey begins.

Visit the Danish Crown brand hub here >>

A vibrant interface

Danish Crown’s new brand identity is a living vibrant interface, with vivid ways of expressing the brand in both look, sound and motion. It reflects a diverse and powerful company ready to act. Bold, optimistic and clear, the quality and attention to detail is as impressive as Danish Crown’s ambitions.

The voice of a challenger

The typeface reflects Danish Crown's craftsmanship and their attention to detail. It takes on the role of a challenger and pushes towards new standards and a new future. It is a typeface that gathers all of Danish Crown - while securing instant brand recognition in all messages written. Even with its loud voice, it is fun, inviting and open to dialogue.

black and white picture of several g letters
Danish Crown
Type your own vision for a more sustainable future for food...

Illustration adding tactility

The illustrative universe have been developed in close collaboration with Finnish artist Antti Kalevi. Colourful and diverse illustrations support the future vision of a vibrant brand in continuous development. Each individual illustration has been carefully crafted to act as a tactile supplement to the core brand elements.

Real moments

The images convey the people and proccesses that are Danish Crown. The real story about every step in the Danish Crown organisation.
Depicting both people and planet in authentic, uncontrived situations. Aesthetic and warm images that are rooted in the real world.

Leading the way

An extended signage and wayfinding system has been developed to unify the brand experience globally from abattoires to headquarters. The signage will lead the way in both complex production facilities and office buildings, using brand elements such as the custom typeface and the red colour of Danish Crown.

Nicoline Klareskov

Client Director & Partner

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