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Building Trust in Blockchains

A new category language
For a lot of people, words like blockchain, darknet and cryptocurrency can appear frightening. But for the company Chainalysis, the words represent their everyday business, practice and expertise. Chainalysis is a blockchain analysis company who provide compliance and investigation software to the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments. Kontrapunkt helped Chainalysis with a new visual brand identity fitting for the market-leading company. Elevating the company above the competitors and defining a new category approachable to all stakeholders.

Client: Chainalysis
Year: 2019
Industry: Blockchain


Visual Identity Design
Corporate Website
Bespoke Typeface
Motion Design
Wayfinding & Signage

Old logo mark
New logo mark
"Our experience with Kontrapunkt felt like having an embedded team working at our side. They invested significant time upfront understanding our culture and people – resulting in an authentic and distinctive identity."

John Dempsey, VP at Chainalysis

A forward-thinking and agile logo

Despite being a young company (established in 2014), Chainalysis has gained an immense amount of recognition in the crypto and blockchain industry. They wanted their identity to align with their reputation and knew a rebrand was in place. Nevertheless, Chainalysis was very proud of the existing logo, so Kontrapunkt helped modernise, update and bring both logo, wordmark and over-all identity into a fitting present worthy of a forward-thinking company.

A trustworthy and credible typeface

The bespoke typeface for Chainalysis is a long-lasting tool for the company to secure instant brand recognition and differentiation across all platforms – from billboards to the website and UI. The typeface is playful, yet credible and pragmatic in all written messages.

Building trust in blockchains
Chainalysis stylistic alternates
Chainalysis typeface

Portraying the Chainalysis team

The new photography style portrays the real faces of the talented Chainalysis employees and describes a vibrant and dynamic company - one you want to become part of.

Crafting a digital experience for a diverse target audience

The responsive and welcoming user experience was developed in close collaboration with Chainalysis - utilising the new brand colours, imagery and brand elements showcasing Chainalysis' services. It offers an abstract, yet simple product visualisation with moving iconography. All to make it easy for visitors to book a demo or get in contact with the right expert at Chainalysis in a matter of seconds.

Scaling from small UI iconography to large billboard pictograms

The iconography and pictograms work across small UI components and large scale marketing such as billboards. The larger the icons get, the more playful and fragmented they appear. On billboards, the large pictograms can work as substitutes for images and reach a broader audience.

Designing the spatial environment for the launch of the new identity

Kontrapunkt designed the spatial environment for Chainalysis' annual huddle, held at Scandic Hotel in Copenhagen (September 2019). The new brand elements and colours embraced all touchpoints, from three-dimensional pieces such as the podium to signage and keynote presentations.

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

Reach out to Philip to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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