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Danish E-Commerce × Global Impact

A Better World

Danish fashion label Carcel goes where luxurious materials meet high rates of poverty-related crime. Their ambition is to provide better jobs for women in prison and create more opportunities and hopes for a better future. Using only locally sourced materials friendly to the environment, the imprint on the planet is minimal.

Kontrapunkt helped them tell this uplifting story through a unique e-commerce experience that reflects the philosophy and values of Carcel.

The faces behind the fashion

Highlighting how each product purchase helps to solve problems for real people, the design tells the stories and dreams of the incarcerated women. By putting faces on the people behind the fashion, the shopping experience is as personalised as the neck labels that go with each individual piece.

Unique User Experience

Based on a Shopify platform with a mobile-first approach, the e-commerce destination includes features used in new and unconventional ways. The result delivers an efficient and unique shopping experience optimised for the fastest possible check-out. Without compromising on exclusivity and luxury.

Philip Linnemann

Executive Creative Director & Partner

Reach out to Philip to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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