A unique e-commerce experience highlights Danish fashion label Carcel's responsible and transparent take on designing and manufacturing sustainable fashion.
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Design Concept

With emphasis on how each product solves a problem instead of creating one, the design concept clearly tells the story and vision of how Carcel helps break the cycle of poverty for incarcerated women. 


Shopify has long been the go-to platform for e-commerce due to its many extensive and easy to use features and hassle-free setup. But it often limits your control with a generic look and restricted structure.

With the release of new and shiny sections, we utilised these features in new and not always intended ways ultimately securing total control over every piece of content across the entire site.

Mobile First

As Carcel’s e-commerce solution has been built from the ground up for mobile, users are able to check-out fast and seamless without significant load times on their device of choice all the while enjoying the sublime images shot by Moon.

For further information, please contact:

Casper Overgaard

Senior UX Designer

+45 41 83 20 88