Asics Tiger
Revitalising an Icon

Crouching Tiger

In close collaboration with Bruce Mau Design, we created a unique brand typeface for ASICS Tiger. Based on the immediate recognisability of Lubalin’s and Peckolick's iconic work, it builds on the characteristic features, graphic qualities and sporty expression of the five letters of ASICS.

“We loved the original logo created by Herb Lubalin and commissioned a typeface from Kontrapunkt based on those letter forms that could be used as a display face. It’s really expressive and unique to them and provides a consistent backdrop in our wild-posting inspired layouts.”
Laura Stein, Creative Director at Bruce Mau Design

Asics Tiger
The bespoke typeface is as expressive and energetic as the iconic sports brand itself

A Defining Brand Element

The typeface safeguards the expression of the original Herb Lubalin logotype design. Whether it adorns the Osaka flagship store in gigantic letters or printed in small cases on a shoe box leaflet, it is a defining brand element.

Brand design and implementation by Bruce Mau Design. All images below appear under courtesy of Bruce Mau Design and ASICS Tiger.

Torsten Lindsø Andersen

Head of Type Design

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