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Modular Means Made to Last
AIAIAI’s award-winning modular headphone system, the TMA-2, comes in over 1000 combinations with 9 cables, 4 headbands, 7 earpads and 5 speaker units. Now add 15 weights of the bespoke, variable typeface Modular.

Client: AIAIAI
Year: 2020
Industry: Lifestyle


Type Design
Bespoke Typeface

Modular design meets variable fonts

AIAIAI answers the call for sustainable thinking. Their modular headphones transcend trend-driven aesthetics and extend the longevity of every product, creating less waste for the planet. If the ultra soft cushions tear, you simply buy a new pair of cushions instead of a new pair of headphones.

For the AIAIAI typeface, Modular, we applied this adjustable approach as the main driver through the concept development. For the typeface to mirror the modularity of the product, it had to be a variable font. With nothing less than fifteen weights, Modular is higly adjustable and multi-applicable. It's made to last, just like the headphones.

Hello. I'm Modular. I've got 15 weights and I'm not afraid to use them.

Torsten Lindsø Andersen

Head of Type Design & Partner

Reach out to Torsten to learn more about this project or how we can help you.

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