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Strategy: Defining your core and unfolding the story
From vitalising your core to powering your purpose and penning your story, we find your place in the market and uncover smart ways to connect with your people. Together we’ll take a deep dive into your business, study your culture, dig into that of your customers, and explore the opportunities that lie ahead.
Our services

Strategy · Communications · Employer branding · Future foresights
We have helped a lot of clients find their purpose, position and voice in the market. All differ in size, industry and people. But they all share the ambition to do better. Here's a couple of them.

Reality check
Why does your organisation exist? For who are you making a difference? Would your customers miss you if you shut up shop? Would employees? Reach out if it's time for checking in on reality.
Christina Juul Bladt
Head of Strategy
+45 40 40 37 07
Identity: Bringing brands to life
Design gives body to your strategy so people can see, feel and live it. It adds an emotional layer to your story and speaks its own language without words. Successful brand identities lead with an intelligent idea but are multidimensional by nature. We design agile design systems that work across touchpoints from motion, colours and illustrations to photo style, typography, sound and spatial.
Our services

Visual identity · Motion design · Spatial design · Sound design
We've put words into visuals since the 1980's - in fact, a lot of our work still exists in the same shape we left it - and trust us when we say: It never gets boring. Here's two brand identities we believe will be just as beautiful and relevant in 20 years.
Evolution or revolution
Time for a refresh? Or is it the full monty? Either way, let's meet first. We'd love to show you around our office and talk shop. Send us an email or call us anytime, and we'll make it happen.
Digital: Building brands through their most dynamic touchpoint
A digital experience is the glue that connects brands with their consumers. Our team knows the ins and outs of all things tech and helps you make the choices that enrich your brand’s digital experience. Whether you need help with a new website, an app, e-commerce or UX, we’re there to help you.
Our Services

Web design · Web development · Product · E-commerce
Our work spans from corporate websites to e-commerce and employer brand sites. No matter the end goal and end user, we deliver digital experiences that are on brand and bridge IRL with URL. Here's two cases that show a bit of our range.
Enter the digital age
Whatever your online endeavour entails, we're up for the task. The best way to find out if we're a match, is simply to set up a date. We can't wait to meet you and discuss your needs and dreams.
Activation: Bringing your brand experience to the frontline
Brand-building is a process not a project, so a brand refresh doesn’t end with a new identity; this is where it takes off. With its mix of discipline and creativity our activation team makes sure your brand is coherent across all platforms. From signage and wayfinding to PowerPoints, roll-ups, brochures and annual reports.
Our Services

Brand activation · Corporate reporting · Signage · Wayfinding
We are experts in transforming your brand story and identity to precise and compelling layout, making reports more enjoyable to read and signage you intuitively trust. A couple of cases? Here you go.
Activate your brand
Annual report coming up? Want to illustrate your business model in a one-pager that people get? Need help guiding people from place a to place b? Get in touch, we're up for the task.
Type Design: Branding in every word you write
With its ability to cross borders and bridge cultures, a bespoke typeface is a perfect polyglot. A born globalist, it speaks multiple languages, but its voice and personality stay the same. Building on the Kontrapunkt type design legacy, our type team treats each letter as individual sculptures and narrative threads that make up the bigger story of your brand. Be prepared to brand yourself through every word you write.
Our Services

Bespoke typefaces
We have designed bespoke typefaces for a broad variety of brands. Public and private, national and international. No matter the industry, service or country, we tailor typeface systems that fits the brand identity and work across touchpoints; digital and print. Here's two cases that prove the power of a dynamic and bespoke typeface.
Let's talk type
What does your brand look like in letters? Are you bold or slim? Curvy or classic? Find out. Get in touch.

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