Stine Winskel

PR & Communications Manager

With a background in both communication and journalism, Stine is the ideal Communications Manager at Kontrapunkt. She is always on the hunt, for the next big news update or announcement at Kontrapunkt. If you've ever visited one of Kontrapunkt's social media platforms, chances are you have likely stumbled upon Stine's words and updates.

Stine has a BA in Communication from Roskilde University and a Masters in Journalism from Aarhus University.

Kontrapunkt Denmark

Nikolaj Plads 2, 1067 Copenhagen K

VAT no. DK10179238

+45 33 93 18 83

Kontrapunkt Japan

Turtle House 2F, 5-3-14 Jingumae

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

+81 (0)3-6712-5912

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