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Sep 1

The audience for annual reports has grown

Brands in the 21st century are expected to help solve the world's most critical problems and bring value beyond profit. This transition from 'shareholder primacy' to 'stakeholder capitalism' has immediately impacted annual reports: their audience has grown larger and even more diverse. As there's hardly a size that fits all, editorial teams need to know their key audiences and what they come to annual reports for.

At Kontrapunkt and Simple Revolution we wanted to get a clearer sense of who these key stakeholders are and what they look for when reading annual reports. So we set out on the quest to make our Trends in Danish corporate reporting vol.2 – and we're thrilled to share our findings with you.

Among the key questions we asked was: Who are the most important audiences for your annual reports?

Across the three types of reports, the companies listed 'investors and analysts', 'shareholders' and 'employees' (current and prospective).

That answer became the focus and starting point for this year's Trends in Danish corporate reporting.

In this study, we decided to redirect this question to those three specific stakeholder groups. To understand what these key readers come to annual reports for. And to explore whether they find what they need.

As for your annual reports, one size doesn't fit them all, but we assure you that our study highlights some crucial insights into why and how you should address your three key stakeholders when crafting a corporate report.

Enjoy the read.

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