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Typeface for 200,000,000 People

Jan 22. 2019

Since its founding in 2009, Chinese smartphone company Vivo has experienced enormous growth. With over 200,000,000 customers worldwide, the 10-year-old company is already among the top 10 smartphone makers in the world. Always aiming to pursue true perfection, the rapidly growing brand pushes technological standards along the way.

As part of upgrading their visual identity, Kontrapunkt created a new custom typeface for use on their smartphones. Effectively enhancing brand recognition and differentiation, it emphasises the brand’s tech and fashion genes. To help build better connections to young consumers all over the world.

“Vivo is a dynamic and ambitious brand full of curiosity and confidence. These are extremely important values in modern branding and pave the way for Vivo’s industry leading position. Not only within technology but as much in understanding consumers’ dreams and desires. Our type design reflects this powerful combination.”

Bo Linnemann, Executive Design Director & Founding Partner, Kontrapunkt

Kontrapunkt worked together with Chinese font master Qiu Wei to develop versions in both Chinese and Latin. Available in two word widths for a total of six different font weights, the sans serif is designed to work across all platforms and languages.

Reflecting the youth, uniqueness and confidence of the brand, the new typeface secures consistency in Vivo’s brand communication globally. Thus, it is one of the most important branding assets to help Vivo become global technology and fashion leaders.

Currently being implemented in China, the rest of the world follows over the next months.