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The Tale of a Storyteller

Nov 6. 2017

From pseudonyms to world fame. From the northern part of Zealand in Denmark to the middle of Africa in Kenya. Danish story teller Karen Blixen achieved what many can only dream of. She told fantastic stories and lived a remarkable life worth telling of.

Together with The Karen Blixen Museum in Denmark, we developed a pop-up exhibition that tells the story of the great Danish author. Through 16 chapters, Blixen’s work and life are shown. Complete with the ups and downs she encountered along the way.

The exhibition centres around the content of creating a story. You choose the chapters of your Karen Blixen story and thereby create your own story about Blixen and her life.

With this exhibition, The Karen Blixen Museum hope to stimulate the interest for one of Denmark’s greatest literary icon. And to make new generations discover her tales while making the older ones read the stories once again.

To reflect her years in Kenya, the exhibition signals safari and is made to travel. It is sent by mail and adaptable to local context around the globe. Everybody can print out all the elements and exhibit the story of Karen Blixen following a simple guide.

The exhibition has travelled through Tokyo and Uta in Japan exhibiting and negotiations are underway for more destinations.