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The Index Award

Sep 9. 2019

Last Friday dedicated people, creative ideas and amazing designs were celebrated at the Index Award in Copenhagen. Here is a quick summary of the winners - which in no way does them justice, so please visit The Index Project website for more information.

Body win: Textile dyeing is one of the most polluting commercial processes. Project Coelicolor has a promising solution for dyeing and printing methods using sustainable bacteria pigments. A well-deserved win, Faber Futures

Home win: Marsha works with 3D-printed, sustainable homes, which can not only help a potential Mars exploration but change how we design houses on Earth. Winner was AI SpaceFactory

Play & Learning win: The Xbox Adaptive Controller is all about inclusion regardless of physical ability. The controller allows people to customise the controller pad so it optimises their gaming even when using one hand, a foot, chin. Well done Microsoft

Work win: Pisces will brighten your day. SafetyNet Technologies won for their LED light-emitting device that can change commercial fishing and the way we look at fishing reducing bycatch by up to 90 per cent.

Community win: ‘Solein’ is a new type of protein made out of CO2 and electricity. Solar Foods won for their comprehensive efforts to counter our unsustainable food production system. The Solar Foods’ protein, can be made almost anywhere in the world, independent of resources or climate needs.

Last but not least, Thumy, an insulin pen which makes it more fun for diabetic children to do their insulin injections, took the People’s Choice win.

Thank you Index Project, for an amazing and inspiring evening. For more information on identity work for The Index Project, go to case link.