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The Centenary of Denmark’s Reunion with Southern Jutland

Feb 11. 2020

In 2020, 100 years have passed since Southern Jutland was reunited with Denmark. You might have picked up on the news already, but this year the 100th anniversary will be celebrated with events and activities throughout the entire country – and especially in Southern Jutland.

The 2020 Reunion aims to heighten the awareness of the reunion's epoch-making political and cultural significance to the Danish society, to our national self-understanding and our present-day friendship with Germany. The ambition is to increase the public's knowledge of the historical events, when Southern Jutland once again became part of Denmark, and to shine a light on the European perspective of the Danish-German border region. At the same time, the commemoration will contribute to the positive, present-day profiling of southern Denmark.

Go visit the friendship website >> link (no affiliation to Kontrapunkt) for more on the happenings throughout 2020.

Senior Designer, Ulrik Ejlers and Kontrapunkt's founding father Bo Linnemann have created the official logo for 'Danmark Deutschland Kultur 2020'.