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Seminar: the role of design in a new digital era

Jul 3. 2019

Two days ago, Bo was in London to speek at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. The seminar, chaired by Deyan Sudjic (seen in the middle), explored the role of design and innovation and its impact on society and people.

Bo talked about how we, at Kontrapunkt, have helped businesses and institutions, from Danish state companies to global brands, to carry out fundamental changes and gain new market positions through rebranding - helping business adapt to an ever-changing world.

Kinya Tagawa (seen right) spoke about the evolving role of design and innovation in the new digital era, presenting his current projects, approaches and challenges. Kinya Tagawa is partner and design engineer at Takram, which is a design innovation firm with studios in Tokyo and London They specialize in concept, product, and experience design and work with leading international businesses and institutions across industries including transportation, consumer products, technology, retail, finance and media. Takram are visionaries and are currently working on some interesting and future-thinking projects. Have a look for yourself.

The future of design

Over the past 35 years, information has become increasingly digitalised, and this has also transformed the realm of design. In the digital era, design plays a crucial role in turning ideas into reality to create a more resilient, resourceful and sustainable society. Businesses across all industries rely on design and branding to improve their operations and respond to changes in culture, society and markets, while institutions frequently use design to express their cultural and historical values. An effective design grabs the attention of the target audience, expresses a vision and inspires change, increasing creativity and promoting innovation. All this has the potential to impact society.