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Kontrafej on the cover of Politiken

Oct 21. 2019

An awkward smile, acne, crooked teeth or an uneven haircut - most of us own pictures from our childhood or youth, where our looks played against us in one way or another. Maybe this is the reason why yearly school photo sessions could scare the living s*** out of even the prettiest Gisele Bündchen-type at highschool. You had no control over the outcome of your school photo; you could end up with the best of portraits - or the worst.

These days, Danish media are covering a new trend, where parents take control of their kid's nursery, kindergarten or school photos and make photographers edit away scars, acne, yellow teeth or, in extreme cases, chubby baby fat.
But like many actions, a reaction has been born with hashtags like #delditskolefoto (#shareyourschoolphoto) or #uredigeret (#unedited). These tags often show flawed, and fun, portrait pictures from the past.

Kontrafej's add on yesterday's cover of Politiken also resembles a statement against the perfection trap which has taken over some parents:

"A crooked tooth. A scratch on the cheek. Catch the honest moments."

And isn't that the point? Capturing honest moments, so we can laugh, cry and enjoy all the perfect and flawed stages of life. Nothing seems more monotonous than looking back at an edited life.

Kontrafej is a Danish school photo company, the word 'Kontrafej' is Danish for portrait, painting, photo, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person.

Nanna Knudsen

Senior Client Manager

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