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1 turbulent year, 42 neat reports

Jun 14. 2021

2020/2021 has raised a lot of questions. It’s been a turbulent year that’s felt both rapid and sloooow at the same time. A year that’s kept us waiting for answers. And a year that’s given us a reason to stop - and look for some answers ourselves. We’ve looked within; ‘Am I doing the right thing?’, and we’ve consulted friends and family; ‘How can we support each other in this difficult time?’.

We’ve also looked to brands - companies, organisations, institutions. Our bullshit-radar has been refined this past year and we’ve asked companies more than ever; ‘What’s your positive position in this morass - how are you making the world a better place?’. The critical consumer was already on the rise, the pandemic just gave it a nice big push, really forcing businesses to clearly communicate their purpose, impact and value-chain in ever clearer and more compelling ways.

A key touchpoint for communicating your reason-for-being remains the annual/sustainability report. However, this year’s reporting has been far from business as usual, with especially one key factor weighing in on the content - we trust you know what key factor we’re talking about.

The overall objective of the annual report stays the same: to communicate your company's strengths and how successful you are in creating value - for your stakeholders, your business and for society - in an inspiring and succinct way.

So, 2020/2021 brought us at Kontrapunkt a lot of important reporting to do - of course in close collaboration with our clients.To be exact: 42 reports - that’s almost one report per week - covering both annual reports, sustainability reports, remuneration reports and corporate governance reports, and 1,970 pages (in final layout). Here’s a collection of some of the work.

Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

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