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Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut

Oct 25. 2019

Beethoven meets bratwurst

Goethe meets Bundesliga

Volkswagen meets Richter

Germany comes in many shapes, sizes and flavours, just like the chocolate many know and love, Ritter Sport.

In the new exhibition, ‘Tyskland’ (Germany), a wide assortment of German culture is displayed throughout the exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark. Kontrapunkt has helped frame the exhibition with a humoristic yet straightforward 'system' inspired by the massive variety of Ritter Sport flavours. Taking reference from the famous Ritter Sport slogan ‘Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.’ ('Square. Practical. Good.' - it sounds better in German), we collaborated with the museum on selecting several photos and custom slogans to help the public encapsulate the German culture which has strong roots in Denmark. For example, did you know the tree tradition and Christmas flags we apply to our Christmas trees, originates from Germany? This and many other cultural references have often gone lost for another and more dark story about the Danish-German relationship. 

The country to the south
The exhibition takes visitors through the many political and cultural changes that have taken place in Germany. From the Holy Roman Empire to the reunification of Germany and the dark 20th century up until today’s European economic and political centre of power. The exhibition shows a multifaceted collection about a multifaceted country where the borders have moved continuously. Both the physical borders and the people.

“Germany has played a prominent part in our history and cultural heritage. This is what we strive to focus on in an impressive exhibition presented in collaboration with the British Museum.” 

- Head of Museum, Anni Mogensen

Debates, Music, Beers and Sausages
During the exhibit period, the National Museum of Denmark will invite artists, debaters (like Knud Romer) and researchers to embrace, expand and challenge visitors perceived notions about German culture, politics, identity and history.

The exhibit will run from November 9th 2019 until March 1st 2020
For more, visit the National Museum of Denmark

Nille Halding

Creative Director & Partner

Reach out to Nille to learn more about this project or how we can help you.