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Presenting S/PARK

Jun 12. 2019

The opening of Shiseido Global Innovation Center (GIC), also dubbed S/PARK, wraps up a successful collaboration where Kontrapunkt has done the visual identity, signage and wayfinding for the Japanese beauty company.

S/PARK encompasses two meanings: ‘Shiseido Park' — a place where people come together; and 'Spark' as in the spark which drives creativity and new ideas.

A typeface with sparks
The wordmark, designed by Kontrapunkt, refers to the iconic' S' in Shiseido's logo. The' S' is hidden but lives in the space between the two sparks - an abstract celebration of rich history but also a logomark looking towards the future. The S/PARK logomark is written in a bespoke typeface for the innovation centre.

This typeface is built with a range of alternative characters which can carefully, be used to provoke sparks in written text. These sparks also appear throughout the pictograms and is the a red thread through the 15 storey building, both in logomark, wordmark, typography and pictograms.

Creating the signs at S/PARK
Take a white sheet of paper and bend it slightly to create a rounded curve. The paper has now increased in strength and can stand upright on its own while the neat surface is still intact. We included these thoughts, on lightness and strength, in the signs at S/PARK. The use of light and reflections were also significant: curves reflect light in different ways, giving the signs a variety of nuances as you shift direction or interact with them. Moreover, the wall mounted signs are bent, so they float seamlessly in the air.

Kontrapunkt had fun looking into the archives of Shiseido's design history and are proud of the final result done for the Shiseido Innovation Center. S/PARK is situated in the city of Yokohama in Japan.

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Tomoe Hamaguchiya

Japan Representative Director

Reach out to Tomoe to learn more about this project or how we can help you.