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Podcast for Thought

Oct 25. 2017

The Man & The Priest is on a quest for answers to the universal questions of love, jealousy, community, and tempo. It’s a conversation about Tinder dates, jobs, football clubs and multi-tasking, as well as it’s a conversation about vulnerability, acknowledgement, resentment and thoughtfulness.

In a time where the individual has never had more possibilities, what does he need from the community surrounding him? What’s going to happen with reflection when the world demands efficiency and self-optimisation of the body and mind? And what about love? Is love forever, till death do us part when Tinder seduces with a never-ending stream of informal relationships?

The Man & The Priest is a new Danish podcast produced in a collaboration with journalist Anders Haahr Rasmussen, podcast-producer Anna Thaulow and the Church of Copenhagen. We helped develop the concept, format, and the storytelling to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of Luther’s reformation.

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