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Out & About

Feb 6. 2020

Ud & Se (Out & About) is not your average magazine. Found on every station and aboard every DSB train in Denmark, it is the most read magazine in Denmark (with over 500.000 readers). It is free, very well written and entertaining for long trips across the Danish Landscape or short stops on the S-train.

The magazine often features long-form interviews, articles about culture or politics fit for people on extended journeys. Still, there are also short pieces on anything and everything – and being a travel magazine rooted in DSB (the largest Danish train operating company founded in 1884) there are frequent quizzes, short stories or interviews spun around trains and travel. This month's issue looks back at DSB's logo and development throughout the years.

The logo has undoubtedly been on a journey itself. It all began with the iconic 'wings on a wheel' logo back in 1885. This logo would in some shape or form last more than 75 years until DSB decided on a new direction. The year was 1972, and the train company thought it was time to focus more on service and passengers. With the new strategy, they also needed a new fitting logo - and what a radical change they decided on. They shed their wings and went with a new approachable wordmark, DSB. Even with good intentions, the choice to discard the wings did not sit well with the general public. And what do you know, the wings came back in the 1990s – with a modern twist of course. Cut to 2014, DSB wanted to cut away all the excessive and extensive noise of the logo. It needed to be effortlessly recognisable without disturbing elements. The result? The simple red and white logo we know today.

And yes, the current logo is proudly designed by yours truly.

Thanks to Ud & Se for featuring a small yet distinctive element of DSB's history, the logo! If you want to read the latest version of the magazine, and the article mentioned above, you can do so here >> link