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No one likes a messy annual report

Jun 24

Our Trend Study 2.0 is stuffed with brilliant findings – one of them being that figures aren’t doing the job alone when it comes to the question: What do the stakeholders really look for in annual- and ESG reporting?

It might be the ‘quiet season’ in corporate reporting. But at Kontrapunkt and Simple Revolution, things are not quiet at all. We’re busy preparing for the next edition of Trends in Danish corporate reporting.

Last year, our study focused on how Danish companies work with their annual and ESG reports, particularly on the challenges and opportunities in-house editorial teams experience when producing these publications.

This year, we’re changing the perspective.

Moving beyond the company’s editorial room, we’re focusing on the key audiences for corporate reports. Specifically investors and analysts, private investors and key employees. We want to get solid data on why these stakeholders come to annual and ESG reports. And whether these publications actually deliver what they’re looking for.

We’re currently processing the key findings from our research - and some fascinating perspectives are coming through. Particularly when it comes to a company’s ability to communicate clearly in their corporate reports.

Our data debunks the myth that investors and analysts only care about the figures. Layout, structure and language matter to this group too. To the extent that lack of care for these elements can make or break the decision to invest.

An inconsistent tone of voice and visual appearance reflects poorly on the company’s level of professionalism and stakeholder awareness.

One of the international investors we spoke to said: “Different writing styles create cognitive dissonance and can, in certain cases, reflect a lack of unity with the company. It makes me sceptical. Why aren’t they aligned? They should be.”

Many of the employees we interviewed say the same. According to one of them, “... companies must make an effort to provide me with a positive impression and use the report as an opportunity to engage me. If it’s all heavy text and numbers, I lose interest and don’t read it.” Another points out, “The tone of voice should be clear and committed. It should be forbidden to use corporate jargon…”

The study will be released on the other side of summer, but we will make sure to send you a copy via email, if you enter your details below.

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Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

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