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New Triple Threat

Mar 1. 2019

The year’s third month sees the arrival of three major forces. Starting March 1, Johanne Mortensen is our new Senior Brand Strategist while Oliver Borg von Bülow and Laurits Brückner Jensen are our new Heads of Spatial Design. The three additions follow a record 2018 and a busy start of 2019 that sees an ever-growing need for senior competencies.

Johanne Mortensen joins Kontrapunkt after three years at Urgent.Agency. “I’m so excited to be part of a team that is known for always delivering the strongest strategic solutions,” she says about her new workplace and continues: “I can’t wait to get to work for some of the biggest brands in Denmark. And abroad too.”

Speaking of abroad, Oliver Borg von Bülow and Laurits Brückner Jensen already worked closely with Kontrapunkt on the rebranding of Japanese Mitsubishi Motors and an upcoming Shiseido project that is revealed in April, making them familiar faces to Kontrapunkt. The duo previously known as Borg Brückner is now in charge of leading our spatial department.

“We are proud to become part of Kontrapunkt and all the bright minds who work there”, Oliver says about the move. Laurits adds: “To drive and constantly develop the area that we are most passionate about is an exciting opportunity for us. And to do it together with such an ambitious team is beyond thrilling.”

Philip Linnemann, Kontrapunkt’s Executive Creative Director & Partner, is just as thrilled about the new additions.

“Welcoming three major capacities who master their skills better than most others all at once is nothing short of fantastic. Together with the rest of Kontrapunkt, I know they are going to help us raise the bar even further and create intelligent solutions that excite and inspire. Both at home and internationally.”

With a string of new clients and potential projects, a newly opened office in Japan and an upcoming solo exhibition at Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo, the Kontrapunkt future seems brighter than ever.