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Look of Diplomacy

Apr 5. 2018

With more than 100 representations including 68 embassies, Denmark exercises its diplomacy all over the world. We revised the identity for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark to clearly represent the nation in different contexts and cultures while maintaining a coherent look.

The design builds upon the original work created by our founder Bo Linnemann in 1991. With a respect to its heritage and the Danish coat of arms, we updated and tweaked the design to work optimally on websites and buildings.

From Danida to the Trade Council, the new identity is a coherent system that ties all activities together. It consists of few but powerful tools like a custom display typeface and a distinct colour palette for a clear profile that is easy to understand. By acting as a global voice that signals co-operation and dialogue, it highlights essential parts of diplomacy and works across all platforms to represent Denmark worldwide in the best way possible.