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A New Weight Class

Feb 13. 2018

Kilo has been turning ideas into innovative and award-winning designs solutions for more than 10 years. With a recently increased international focus, Kilo needed a new digital platform to showcase their work and enhance their company profile. In a collaborative effort, we defined the next step for the Kilo brand through digital design, type, colours and interactions.

“It’s actually a lot like designing products, turning information and emotions into solutions; but it’s never an easy job being the client yourself. Kontrapunkt has been an admirable facilitator in the process. We now have this bold design solution that we believe supports the power of services and the ambition of our clients. The ideal solution to support our belief in the product as a brand driver”, Lars Larsen, Founder & Head of Design.

The new web design is gutsy with meticulous attention to detail and a strong focus on giving the content the leading role. Each product is showcased in a unique and engaging way. This modern digital portfolio fuses video, written content and images, delivering a consistent user experience on various platforms.

The profile videos, produced by WAAITT, capture the tactility of selected projects by demonstrating details and interactions.

We chose the Juli typeface for the website - designed by Rasmus Michaëlis and Torsten Lindsø Andersen. A functional sans serif typeface with a friendly attitude that pays respect the original Kilo identity and the bold, no-nonsense design services Kilo is known for.

The result is a website that showcases great ideas and great design. See the whole thing in action at