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Making Japanese football look even better

Sep 16. 2020

A knuckleball, a screw shot, an airbender, a curler, a curver. The phenomenon that all football geeks know, but only a few football players master, carries many names. Whatever you prefer to call it, when it ends with a “Gooooaaaal!”, the result is the same: One side in despair, the other in pure joy – everyone in awe.

When it is done the right way - when it is hit the right way - and it curls its way into the top corner, it does not matter what side you are rooting for. Jaws drop, and it reminds you why you love the sport of football. Not just a specific team or a particular player. The sport.

It has given us some of the most iconic moments of football history: Roberto Carlos for Brazil against France in 1997, Beckham against Greece in the crucial 2002 World Cup qualifier, and Celtic and Japanese legend Shunsuke Nakamura's stunner against Manchester United in the Champions League in 2006.

That is why we decided to take inspiration from the curve kick for our new typeface for the Japanese football leagues, known as J.League. The curve kick is a symbol of how football can bring people together.

We present to you: The J.LEAGUE KICK Typeface.