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Inclusive beauty for Shiseido

Oct 28. 2020

Shiseido has published its first-ever stand-alone Sustainability Report, and we have had the honour of crafting the concept, design, layout, and copywriting.

Shiseido wanted a report corresponding to the SDG's and the high international sustainability standards that we are known for in Europe and especially in Denmark. So, that’s what we’ve created.

To create a better world through beauty innovations, Shiseido has defined the Shiseido Sustainable Beauty Initiative, including three key pillars:

1) Clean Environment
2) Respectful Society
3) Enriched Culture

The three pillars will support Shiseido's sustainability efforts for the next 100 years! For each pillar, Shiseido composed different commitments which are described and documented in the report. To emphasize the commitments, Kontrapunkt has developed animated infographics to understand and convey the message quickly.

The overall design and expression of the report built upon Shiseido's heritage - Harmony within beauty, diversity and inclusion - and the minimalistic design tradition shared by Japan and Denmark. Also, we've used colours, infographics, icons, typography, and animations carefully to help the reader navigate through the report. Besides design and layout, Kontrapunkt has, in close collaboration with Simple Revolution, helped with the British copywriting of the report.

The report is published as an online HTML format with animations and interactive navigation to give the reader a digital experience.

Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

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