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Inaugural lecture at KADK

Sep 27. 2019

An inaugural lecture on October 3 marks the appointing of Bo Linnemann as Adjunct Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK).

The talk will demonstrate how Kontrapunkt, throughout 35 years, have assisted companies and institutions in carrying out fundamental changes and in conquering new positions, through strong rebranding concepts - from Danish State companies and institutions to global hero brands.

In the advent of a sustainable era, design, which aims at transforming sustainable visions into concrete actions, is fundamental. At its best, design can drive such processes. Today, with its innovative and purposeful approach, Kontrapunkt is a valuable partner in assisting businesses and organisations in preparing to meet the transformations of an ever-changing world

Along with Bo Linnemann, the same honorary title bestows product designer Cecilie Manz and strategic design thinker Michael McKay.

Go to link for more information on the inauguration (the link is in Danish, but Bo’s talk will be in English).