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Feb 10. 2020

Where to go and what to do? The winter holiday is upon Denmark, and the cold, rainy weather can sometimes leave you a little uninspired. No worries, we have you covered! Here are six museums and exhibitions where you can seek refuge from the cold winds and dull Danish winter.


First up the beautiful, inspiring oasis in the middle of Copenhagen, Glyptoteket. This week you can drop by their Special Exhibitions 'The Road to Palmyra'. The exhibition takes Glyptoteket's exceptional collection of ancient tomb sculptures from the city as its point of departure. More than 100 portraits are included in the exhibition and supplemented by statues and other items from the Roman Empire, photographs from the 19th century, paintings and much more. One installation in the exhibition takes the form of a Palmyrene burial chamber: here visitors will get a sense of how it must have felt to enter one of Palmyra's tombs in the early centuries of our era - yikes! The exhibition has received 5-6 stars in Politiken, Berlingske and Børsen.

For more on Glyptoteket visit their website here >> link
or learn more about Kontrapunkt's collaboration with Glyptoteket here >> link.

ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art

The clock is ticking on this one if you are a huge Picasso fan and wish to visit ARKEN's large exhibit with the famous Spanish painter and sculptor. In the exhibit 'Beloved by Picasso,' you will experience the passionate story of Pablo Picasso and his strong female heroines and models. The exhibition retells the stories of these women, casting them as much more than Picasso's beloved muses and favourite faces. First and foremost, they were reflective, complex and energetic women with their own life stories independent of their relationships with Picasso. The exhibition will only run till February 23, so be there or be square.

For more on ARKEN and Picasso visit here >> link
ARKEN wordmark by Kontrapunkt

Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet (The National Aquarium Denmark) in Kastrup – offers a unique experience, combining entertainment, fascination and knowledge in a spectacular setting. Beautiful architecture, research and dissemination, state-of-the-art aquarium technology and animal species from all over the world create surprising and memorable experiences that set the hearts of children and adults beating for the wonderful world of aquatic life. Make sure to visit this week and get to meet two new sea otters Riggs and Dixon or get up close and personal with sharks and stingrays in their newly opened tropical touch pool.

For more on Den Blå Planet go to their website >> link
Wordmark by Kontrapunkt

HEART - Museum of Contemporary Art

If in Herning, head over to HEART. The contemporary museum presents the first-ever solo show feature Canadian artist Chloe Wise (b.1990).
Through painting, video and installation art, Wise explores our individual need to be seen and recognised and the social relationships and power structures that include and exclude us. In her hyper-realistic paintings, mirrored installations that nod to the Dutch Nature Mortetradition, and films displaying by turns humorous and disturbing human interactions, Wise focuses on how we interact with each other – and how we see each other and ourselves. Furthermore, HEART invites parents to bring the entire family with their steal, a two-for-one parent discount (children under 18 years are always free).

For more on HEART and the winter holiday activities, visit the website here >> link
Kontrapunkt is proud to have created the wordmark for HEART.


Situated beautifully by a lake, Frederiksborg looks like something out of a fairytale. Visit the nature around the museum or dive into more than 500 years of Danish art and history inside the vibrant and grand museum walls. If you are looking for an art experience combining history and modern age, visit the current exhibition by Spanish artist Jesús Herrera Martínez. The exhibition explores three themes. The fire of Frederiksborg Castle and the establishment of The Museum of National History; the portrait genre – specifically self-portraits and equestrian portraits – as well as the idea of collecting new knowledge by gathering material relics.
The Danish newspaper Politiken rated the exhibition with five 'hearts’ declaring: ‘Even reality should be jealous’. The exhibition by Jesús Herrera Martínez runs until March 1, 2020.

For more on Frederiksborg, visit here >> link
Kontrapunkt has designed the wordmark for Frederiksborg


Experimentarium is a science centre for all of Denmark. Situated in Hellerup since 1991, they have explored the world through science and technology together with curious children and adults. If you are feeling bubbly – aren't you always!? Visit the Bubblearium, where you can create soap bubbles of all sizes. Learn about the amazing science behind the bubbles – or simply sit back and enjoy the wonderful sight of bubbles!

Go to their website for more info >> link
For more on Kontrapunkt's work for Experimentarium visit here >> link

Grab your wellies, wallet and kids, and we will see you out there!