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Have you ever used your annual report as a talent recruiter?

Jun 24

Thought that annual and ESG reports are only for professional investors and shareholders? Think again.

The private segment is fast-growing – and they are certainly not indifferent regarding how you present your corporate reports.

At Kontrapunkt and Simple Revolution we're busy crunching the data from our latest research on Trends in Danish corporate reporting. In this follow-up to last year's study, we're focusing on what key stakeholders - such as investors and analysts, private investors and key employees – are looking after when reading annual and ESG reports.

Our data has thrown up some interesting insights regarding the private stakeholder segment.

It turns out that 41% of the Danish population (between 18-70 years of age) are private investors.

50% of them told us that they read annual reports to inform their investment decisions.

But it's not only those who invest who are interested in these publications. 20% of Danes who are not private investors read annual reports too. Typically to check how the company they work for – or might want to work for – is performing.

So private stakeholders use corporate reports to seek information about a company's performance and prospects.

But do they get what they're looking for? Not always.

Among the private investors who also use other sources than corporate reports, 56% say that they go elsewhere for their information before investing because they find annual reports too long, too complex or too difficult to understand.

So what's the takeaway here?

Our data documents that the private segment is clearly becoming a significant audience group for corporate reports. If companies want to engage this group of stakeholders - and make their corporate reports the go-to source for their career or investment decisions - they must make sure these assets communicate in a way this group can relate to.

The study will be released on the other side of summer, but we will make sure to send you a copy via email, if you enter your details below.

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Kim Paulsen

Client Director & Partner

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