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Happy Constitution Day

Jun 5. 2019

For a country that loves to celebrate, it is peculiar that Denmark is one of the only countries in the world not to have an official national day. For most, the closest we can get is Constitution Day on June 5. And this year, it is worth celebrating since we are also heading to the polls in the Danish General Election (psst it's fathers day too in case you'd forgotten). At Kontrapunkt, we celebrate this day by looking back at our collaboration with the Danish Parliament (Folketinget). Why? Well, our design of the official wordmark for the Danish Parliament is rooted in the Danish Constitution.

Who runs the world?

The typography, created for the wordmark, was inspired by an important year, 1915. The revised Constitution, signed into effect on June 5 1915, gave women and servants the right to vote. This vast development was the foundation for modern Danish society. The typography is inspired by this time and the balance between the authoritative state and the representation of a functioning democracy. It is a wordmark, where confidence and openness meet.

"The constitution of 1915 was an essential step for a Denmark with equal opportunities - one of the biggest in our history.”

- Helle Thorning-Schmidt (speech at parade in honour of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage - 2015)

Bringing history into the future

Looking at the pages of the Constitution is an experience in itself. With respect for its history, we did a contemporary update of the unique and elegant writing and calligraphy which can be found on its pages. Our typography is rooted in Danish design tradition but looks towards the future. It was only natural “the voice” of the Parliament was “the voice” of the Constitution.

So with a huge throwback to 1915, remember your democratic voice today on Constitution Day - widely considered to be a day for celebrating Danish democracy.

For more on our work with the Danish Parliament, click here. See you at the polls.