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Kontrapunkt Solo Exhibition in Tokyo!

Aug 23. 2019

Can you imagine a dynamic typeface that reacts to sound? What does a typeface with sparks look like? How about an eroding typeface or one with deep roots in the rugged Scandinavian nature? And what role has Kontrapunkt played within design and branding for more than 30 years? Questions such as these are answered at the solo exhibition, Sculptural Type, by Kontrapunkt - opening next Friday at ggg in Tokyo.

We are beyond excited to open the doors to some of our work, with type design, throughout the years. And we hope to see you there?

About Scultural Type

With its ability to cross borders and bridge cultures, a bespoke typeface is the perfect polyglot. A born globalist, it speaks multiple languages, but its voice and personality stay the same. It may shout or whisper, be informative or playful. Global, yet inherently belonging to its time, place and tribe.

Behind each bespoke typeface is a brand with a unique story. We tell it in the design of the letters to connote a certain Nordic feeling, symbolise hop leaves, take cues from audio waves or an iconic logo. It’s these details that convey not only the words they form, but the brand personality itself. We treat the letters as individual sculptures because every element of the alphabet bears with it so many narrative threads that make up the bigger story.

The 375th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition Opening party

August 30th 5:30–7:00pm Ginza Graphic Gallery

Gallery Talk

August 30th 4:00–5:30pm
Cast: Kontrapunkt / Bo Linnemann
DNP Ginza Building 3rd floor
Free admission. If you would like to participate,
please apply from the gallery homepage.