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Exhibitions and experiences to enjoy from home

Feb 9. 2021

Danish winters are notoriously dark. Normally, Danes would seek refuge from the cold in our countless cultural institutions, but this winter they’re temporarily closed due to lockdowns - luckily they aren’t leaving us out in the cold!

Here’s a few of our favourite places exploring the digital space and taking their exhibitions and experiences online.

Looking for the ultimate escape and interested in great stories of the past? Everyone’s favourite sub-tropical winter garden and museum, Glyptoteket, are producing audio stories about ancient myths, captivating adults and kids alike.

At a time when globalization, migration and cultural clashes are on the agenda in many parts of the world, the audio experience based on their critically acclaimed exhibition The Road to Palmyra is capturing attention with its fascinating history as one of the multicultural societies of antiquity.

If that didn’t sound intriguing, you can also listen to selected artistic highlights from the collections, some of the many letters Glyptoteket's founder Carl Jacobsen wrote or the both peculiar and bloody myth of Perseus and Medusa for the children.

For more on Glyptoteket visit their website here >> link
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ARKEN – Museum of Modern Art
One of Denmark’s newest contemporary art museums ARKEN is making sure that when you can’t go see the art, the art must come to you - in the form of podcasts, publications, videos or virtual tours.

In their ARKEN from home edit, you can listen to their PET TALKS exploring animals in art, learn more about the museum's collection on YouTube or gather inspiration for children's activities with the whimsical video series ‘Us and the Animals’.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is a monumental landmark sur­rounded by a manmade beachscape just south of Copenhagen. The museum showcases one of Scandinavia’s finest collections of con­temporary art, and the maritime-inspired architecture has gained the museum international renown.

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ARKEN wordmark by Kontrapunkt

Den Blå Planet
The National Aquarium of Denmark is bringing us in behind closed doors, offering insightful and knowledgeable videos that are a must-see for anyone interested in the wonderful world of aquatic life.

Follow their social media to find out what their sea otters Riggs and Dixon are up to, join zookeeper Rasmus as he feeds the camera-shy octopus or experience the bliss of the sea turtles roaming free on their vacation in the tropical touch pool.

When open, Den Blå Planet offers a unique experience, combining entertainment, fascination and knowledge in a spectacular setting. Beautiful architecture, research and dissemination, state-of-the-art aquarium technology and animal species from all over the world create surprising and memorable experiences.

For more on Den Blå Planet go to their website >> link
Wordmark by Kontrapunkt

Calling the Danish Parliament a cultural institution might be a little bit of a stretch - but nevertheless they’re offering a virtual experience diving into Christiansborg Castle's long and dramatic history with a digital sound walk.

Christiansborg has been a center of power for centuries, where kings, queens and elected representatives have ruled Denmark for 800 years. The castle is the only building in the world where the legislature, the executive and the judiciary are gathered in one place.

Today, Christiansborg Castle is home to both the Folketing, the Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court. It also houses the Royal Representation Rooms, the Royal Stables, the Royal Party Kitchen, the Court Theater, Christiansborg Castle Church, the Ruins and Copenhagen's tallest tower.

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Luckily for us, The Museum of National History has made their tours and exhibitions digital - and free! That means you can stay in and explore more than 500 years of Danish art and history, right from your couch.

Explore the museum, take a tour of the vibrant period interiors of Frederiksborg Castle or stroll through an art experience combining history and modern age in the exhibition by Spanish artist Jesús Herrera Martínez.

Frederiksborg Castle has housed The Museum of National History since 1878, founded by brewer J. C. Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg.

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Kontrapunkt has designed the wordmark for Frederiksborg

Can soap bubbles burn? Why does your body make so many strange noises? And can one build a rocket that flies on vinegar and baking soda?

The world is full of wonderful questions, and as the science center for all of Denmark, Experimentarium loves to answer them! Usually, it would mean interactive experiences at the Bubblearium or maybe the Labyrinth of Light at their location in Hellerup.

In lockdown, Experimentarium brings their knowledge and fun experiments into your living room via their YouTube channel. Tune in Every Thursday to get your questions answered or if you need inspiration for cool science projects to try at home! It’s mostly for kids, but adults can easily follow along.

Experimentarium have explored the world through science and technology together with curious children and adults since 1991.

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