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Oct 10. 2019

Are You Alright?

For a lot of young people, life becomes harder when mum or dad suddenly becomes seriously ill. But where do you go and who do you turn to when life gets harder? Needing help is okay - and so is asking for it.

Each year in Denmark, 22.000 teenagers experience everyday life with a seriously ill parent. We worked with the NGO Børn, Unge & Sorg (Children, Youth & Grief) to bring more attention to the topic and help those in need with a web-based treatment program.

With just three words: ‘Er du okay?’ (Are You Alright?), the campaign reaches out to a target audience that might not be aware that they need help, or don’t understand why they feel like they do. Often, teenagers do not link their symptoms such as sadness, uneasiness, lack of concentration or trouble falling asleep with their ill parents. The program is designed to help them through this process.

Kontrapunkt created the visual campaign identity, campaign website and name for the innovative initiative. Furthermore, we collaborated with Børn, Unge & Sorg on creating the screening test for the campaign website.

Visit 'Er du okay?' here