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Webinar follow-up

Jun 10. 2020

Thank you so much for attending our webinar, Employer branding in the light of COVID-19! If you had problems connecting to the webinar, have follow-up questions or simply want to revisit some of the highlights, this email will help you find what you seek.

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Want to learn the basics within employer branding? Read our article on the value of good workplace >> link

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Connect with speakers

If you have any follow-up questions to one or more of the speakers, you are welcome to get in contact:

Christina Juul Bladt
Head of Brand Strategy, Kontrapunkt Copenhagen

Trine Bøgkjær
Brand Strategist, Kontrapunkt Copenhagen

Kristina Bølling
Senior Employer Brand Manager, Specsavers

Emil Andreas Bruun
Brand Strategist, Kontrapunkt Tokyo

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Christina Juul Bladt

Head of Strategy

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