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Kontrapunkt levels up on editorial branding

Nov 30. 2021

Brands should ask themselves how to leverage technology to be more creative, human, create better relationships, and build trust with all stakeholders. This is the mission Kontrapunkt is committed to helping clients and brands do. To support the mission, Kontrapunkt has hired a new profile in lead creative technologist Hakim Mazouz. Furthermore, Digital Design Director Marcus Fuchs is appointed Partner at Kontrapunkt.

A new profile in the partner group.
Digital Design Director Marcus Fuchs is entering the partner group to continue making high quality digital editorial solutions for our clients. Marcus Fuchs' experience working for the most prominent publishers of Denmark is vital for all corporate clients as they prepare for an editorial-driven approach to purpose branding. It is about producing quality and long-lasting communication rooted in inspiration, enablement and education.

"It is a dream coming true to welcome Marcus to the partner group at Kontrapunkt. Over the past year, Marcus has demonstrated what we already knew; he is one of the best digital editorial and product designers around." Executive Creative Director Philip Linnemann says.

A new role in digital
Moreover, Kontrapunkt has attracted a new talent in Hakim Mazouz, who has taken the position of Lead Creative Technologist at Kontrapunkt. The increasingly digitally driven projects mean an in-house creative developer is a natural next step for the digital team and for Kontrapunkt.

“Having tech as a cornerstone in what we do, is essential for our ability to innovate. That's why I'm especially excited to welcome Hakim to the creative team. His continual curiosity for technology, excitement about the future and playful mindset is a creative booster rocket for Kontrapunkt." Digital Design Director Marcus Fuchs states.

Digital is central to everything we do. And in many ways, it is the glue in creating holistic brand experiences for customers, employees and future talent. Digital is no longer an extension to a branding or design service; it is the service itself. Welcome, Hakim and congratulations Marcus.

See some of our latest digital work below, and reach out if you want to learn more about how we see the future of digital branding.