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Designer of a Decade

Aug 24

Great design is long-lasting. Luckily, this designer is as well
Senior designer Troels Degett Holmsted has been with us for 10 years. It has been 10 valuable years, and we're sure hoping for 10 more.

Troels is a designer whose strengths lie in utilising our danish design traditions in a contemporary way. A strength that represents our DNA at Kontrapunkt and something I admire deeply as a colleague and a designer.

Bo Linnemann

We asked Bo Linnemann, the founder of Kontrapunkt, to share some words on the anniversary of our colleague.

"If you compare design to athletics, Troels would be a long-distance runner. His commitment to the process and ability to maintain lasting relations with our biggest clients is a force that has my utmost respect. When Troels is on a project, you always feel safe. Safe in terms of quality and client. He is the kind of person who exudes experience but with humility. And besides being good company, he does the company good. Thank you for a decade of design at Kontrapunkt."

Bo Linnemann

We present The Best of Troels – Ten Years of Great Design...

Best of Troels

Troels Degett Holmsted

Senior Designer

Reach out to Troels to learn more about this project or how we can help you.