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Consistent & User-Centric Medical Device Design

Jun 8. 2018

Every day, millions of people around the world depend on Novo Nordisk devices to treat a chronic disease. We assisted the Danish pharmaceutical company in ensuring a consistent expression in their medical devices with a revitalised device design guide.

The device design guide inspires a coherent user experience based on the Novo Nordisk design values of simplicity, authenticity and compassion. It sets the frame for how to integrate logo and imprints, colour and surface structures and guiding interaction principles in a simplistic and functional shape that is recognisable as Novo Nordisk.

In close collaboration with the internal design team, we created a coherent structure through layout, communication, editorial flow, renderings and photography. The revitalisation incentivises for use at all levels - from internal designers, user researchers and engineers to external design partners working on future Novo Nordisk devices - ultimately providing the people using the devices with safe and effective treatment systems that relieve the burden of living with a chronic disease.

“We planned for an intense and very focused process, yet we had extremely high ambitions for our new device design guide. I am very pleased and proud to learn that the new guideline has sparked a new and revitalised conversation on the design of our devices within our company.”

Senior Design Lead, Novo Nordisk device R&D