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A Crisp Identity

Jan 14. 2020

Crisp type, crisp crown, and a killer (also crisp) website

  • Under Consideration

What a way to kick off 2020! Our brand identity work for Danish Crown has been recognised by Under Consideration as one of the best noted identities of 2019 >> link

A few words by Under Consideration:
"Danish Crown’s new brand identity is a living vibrant interface, with vivid ways of expressing the brand in both look, sound and motion. It reflects a diverse and powerful company ready to act. Bold, optimistic and clear, the quality and attention to detail is as impressive as Danish Crown’s ambitions.

The typeface reflects Danish Crown's craftsmanship and their attention to detail. It takes on the role of a challenger and pushes towards new standards and a new future. It is a typeface that gathers all of Danish Crown - while securing instant brand recognition in all messages written. Even with its loud voice, it is fun, inviting and open to dialogue."

Among other brands noted are Heineken, The Chicago White Sox and The Atlantic

Thanks for the words and recognition!