Carlsberg Corporate

Keeping the flame alive in Carlsberg Group’s corporate brand.

Corporate identity

The ambition of the corporate rebranding project was to help make sense of the internal structure of the group, to create visual consistency and to help create one internal culture. Our work included defining the Carlsberg Group brand architecture – taking into account the visual heritage of all the companies in the portfolio. Kontrapunkt also developed a general visual style for Carlsberg Group used across everything from annual reports to corporate headquarter interiors.

Custom type

The value of a customised typeface will be seen over time – eventually, Carlsberg will be able to brand itself by using the typeface alone. Carlsberg Sans was created to stylistically sit comfortably alongside the Carlsberg logo, something that no other typeface had managed before. Text written in Carlsberg Sans will automatically complement the logo rather than distract from it. 
Carlsberg Sans is designed as a family of fonts that work across everything from annual report small print to high impact promotions all over the world.

Corporate reporting

Kontrapunkt has been responsible for the concept development, design, layout and production of the Carlsberg annual report since 2007.