Green Meadow Award Case
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Working behind the scenes
Green Meadow is the only document automation solution where customers consistently get the value they expected, their lifetime 0% customer churn being a testament to that. With a humble and exceptionally professional approach, they do most of their work behind the scenes - so we gave them a bold and confident expression that lets their clients steal the show. 

Client: Green Meadow
Year: 2021


Brand Identity
Digital Design
Digital Strategy

Keeping their clients front and center

Green Meadow rely on the references of their clients. With their new digital experience, we let their clients steal the show to share how Green Meadow ease their work life. Green Meadows' visual universe needed to match their customer-focused and uncompromising approach, as well as represent the humble relationship between them and their clients. To visualize this, we created a visual hierarchy that puts the client in the front and center. With a vivid and bold brand universe and colors inspired by actual green meadows, we made sure to set Green Meadow significantly apart from any other in the category.

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