CCA DFDS 155 Years of Transformation
Launch website
A new way forward requires new perspectives, ways of working, and a culture committed to the cause. This is why DFDS marks their 155th anniversary by launching a campaign to share their transformation, and by putting themselves at the core of a sector that is in desperate need of a new course. To tell the exciting story of DFDS’ vision, the campaign site works as a central element in a bigger campaign, with all of its communication guiding towards it.

Client: DFDS
Year: 2021


Launch Campaign
UX Design
Brand Narrative

Here, three key messages from the campaign reflect on their collaborations and initiatives that challenge the transport sectors status quo on employer diversity, digital transformation and environmental impact. All told through DFDS’ own employees. These key messages are utilised as three simple pillars in the site’s architecture providing a simple layout of the landing page.

The site aims at educating visitors about the transformation and not only telling them about it. So as an engaging feature a gamified quiz was available, not only showcasing DFDS’ ambitions but benchmarking the results to other respondents. This makes the site address a variety of stakeholders, from employees to logistics customers to ferry passengers in an emerging informative matter. Most importantly onboarding people onto DFDS’ transformation in an emerging informative matter, on a site that honours future progress and not past achievements.