CCA Tech For Democracy
Launch website
About the project
Digital solutions can promote human rights, enhance people’s engagement and make democratic institutions stronger and more responsive. At the same time, digital technologies are a severe threat to democracies globally and our democratic practices. This is why The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Udenrigsministeriet) called for joint action in the Tech for Democracy initiative and conference held in Copenhagen in 2021.

Client: The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Year: 2022


Digital Design

With a site supporting the Tech for Democracy initiative, The Ministry had a platform and a voice on how technology and democracy co-exist in today’s world. The bold, clear and expressive identity is present throughout the entire site and the layout easily showcases the conference, highlighting profiled speakers and of course, underlining the importance of the topics being discussed. All while seamlessly guiding participants to get involved and sign up for the largely stream-based conference.

With the top priority being easily accessible information and driving the interested parties to sign up for the largely stream-based festival, it was important to design an experience that showcased the talent and drove conversion. In addition,the solution provided pre, during, and post conference layouts. This allowed the right information to be shown and highlighted at the right time. Through an automated process, the key speaking events that were currently happening were highlighted and after the event was over key pages pointed visitors to where to see the event recordings or learn about the Tech For Democracy long term initiatives.